During winter time you can enjoy the skiing and snowboarding route. Our skiing possibilities will satisfy winter fun lovers of any kind. The mountain is equipped with two anchor type ski lifts. There are eight different slopes available for skiers and snowboarders with the length from 250m up to 700m as well as a hillside, where children can sledge. The total length of slopes reaches 1450m, but the altitude difference is more than 70m, which means that the mountain of Mežezers is one of the highest ones in Latvia according to the altitude difference.

Everyone will feel good here – both the beginners and peaceful slope lovers as well as experienced skiers and snowboarders.

It is better to make the first steps on skies or the board in the safe, right and pleasant place. The children or beginners route is 100m long, which makes it as the best place, where to start to ski and snowboard. We have also kind and understanding instructors available having a big work experience, who will teach you to enjoy winter fun with pleasure.

The mountain skiers have called the biggest slope of Mežezers as a Black Mountain. And there is a reason why, because the route is high, sharp and having a slope of 300m long. This route is suitable for those skiers, who miss action on a daily basis.

For those who like peaceful slopes Mežezers offers one of the longest slopes in Latvia –about 700 metres long and flat slope will let you to enjoy the surrounding nature and skiing fun.

Become acquainted with Mežezers during winter time: